Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

Hardwood Floor Refinishing is a multi step process. Once the wood floors are sanded, we examine them closely to find and fix any problems that may run deeper than the sanding could remove. We fill any cracks, gouges or nail holes that we find. Once the wood floor repairs are completed, we stain your floor and then apply a durable top coat to protect your investment. 



We are only limited by your imagination! Syracuse Flooring Pros can use pre-mixed stains or custom blend a stain for your hardwood floors. We have the expertise and ability to mix stains which can cut the natural tones in wood to achieve a custom color for your wood floor. Whether trying to match or complement cabinetry, countertops, stone, brick, fabric, etc., we can make a color to fit your decorating color scheme. After the wood species of board is selected, samples are prepared and shown to clients. We will work with you until you are totally satisfied with the color and wood flooring finish. 

Oil Based 


Polyurethane has been used in the United States for hardwood floor refinishing since the 1930’s, specifically for bowling alleys. Today it is still known for its capability of flowing out to a smooth and durable finish. It fills in and flows over the open grain of many hardwoods giving it a desirable “grain-filled” characteristic. It will develop into an amber color based look as it ages over the next several months. This can be good if you want your wood floor to have a warm tinted look. This finish takes 3-7 days to cure before putting furniture back in place.



Water Borne is a newer acrylic based finish. It has the same function as the oil-based polyurethane but without the changing to the amber color, and no smell. The other advantage is that it creates a harder surface than the oil-based polyurethane. For this reason it is used on gymnasium floors and in commercial applications.  Syracuse  Flooring Pros knows how to seal the wood floor, creating a barrier coat between the stained bare wood and the first coat of urethane.

Residential & Commercial Services 

  • Flooring Repair
  • Laminate Flooring Installation
  • Finishing – 3 Coats of Oil- or  Water-Based Professional Grade Urethane
  • Unfinished Stair Parts & Treads   and Cap Treads
  • Prefinished Flooring Installation
  • Floor Sanding & Refinishing
  • Finishing Done by Our Experts
  • Rebuild and Refinish Stairs
  • Engineered Flooring Installation
  • Unfinished Flooring Installation

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